Coco Brun

Le “chic” by Coco Brun - creator of the DesignerBox #63

From the rocks of her native Brittany to the Corinthian columns immortalized in the course of a journey through her daily, yet extraordinary Paris: on the instagram of the artist Coco Brun, each shot seems to be a matter of impression. Prolix author of patterns and illustrations, the young woman became known in the fashion world before dressing the interiors with her creations as inspired as abounding.

After studying fine arts at Duperré school in France, Coco moved to London and created her communication agency Inoui. Consultant and artistic director for fashion houses, she notably accompanies some creators of the Belgian wave which rised and dictated the trend at the beginning of the 2000s. At the same time, she practiced her brushes for magazines like Vogue, Elle, Nylon or Dazed and confused for which she still produces original and inspired illustrations. Inspirations carefully selected and rhythmic subtle color as patterns, the high level w ork of this gymnast of graphic arts, hits the nail on the head.


Beauregard wallpaper design by Coco Brun


If nature and urban landscapes are inexhaustible sources of inspiration, Coco Brun is equally passionate about the art and crafts of the beginning of the last century.

“ I like to bridge the epochs, using modern techniques to animate ancient aesthetics such as those of the Bauhaus, or the Art Deco period ”

In 2009, having become an expert in printed matter, the young artist created her scarf brand «Forget me not» which was immediately spotted and sold in prestigious international outlets such as Colette, Barney’s or Harvey Nichols. Heady and precise graphic ritournelles, the patterns are ideal playgrounds for the designer «the idea and the main difficulty is always to give relief to create something surprising and original». Hand-drawn and finalized on Photoshop, Coco Brun’s unique prints are also able to meet the requirements of famous sponsors.

Jacquard pillow design by Coco Brun


In 2016, to celebrate Baccarat’s 250th anniversary, she draws on the manufactory’s archives to design a tribute collection of silk scarves that reflect the company’s key codes throughout the centuries.Since this first foray into the world of decoration, Coco Brun, who has returned to Paris, intends to free herself somewhat from the fashion world to practice her art in the more «perennial» field of design.

« I’m tired of the hysteria of changing collections every three months.

 It’s completely against the actual trend which would like to encourage us to consume less to love better: in fashion, you don’t even have time to appreciate a piece that is no longer on the market».


Throw blanket design by Coco Brun


With Aurélia Paoli, she works for the Beauregard publishing house on collections to dress the interior: From cement tiles to wallpapers through plaids and slanted cushions, the designer rubs herself each time to very specific materials and know-how, sharpening her taste for the challenge. «If the scarves were digitally printed leaving a great freedom of creation, the technique of weaving like the mixed earth used for cement tiles requires very particular reflections at the design stage of the patterns, which is obviously exciting. » For Designerbox, Coco Brun never stops enchanting the walls, drawing from the aesthetic registers of Bauhaus, Art Deco and kinetic art, she designs six modular wall panels that can be arranged at will to punctuate our interior decoration with an arty & graphic touch.

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