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Designerbox 26


Ref : DBX026D0100

Designerbox #26 - Limited edition - August 2015 - numbered wooden box including the two Golden Tripod bowls with their certificate of authenticity and their dedicated magazine.

A duo of plates created by the designer Maarten Baptist, both resting on gold dipped feet. They make sweet aperitifs and other dishes into precious, irresistible treats.

Function : Art of living

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Designerbox #26

"Golden Tripod" bowls by Maarten Baptist

The encounter between the designer Marteen Baptist and the young editing house TH Manufacture gave birth to the ‘Tripod Glasses’, a series of three-footed glasses whose aim is to entice either the professional oenologists or the enlightened amateurs to rediscover the wine tasting gestures.

In order to offer the best possible experience to this wine tasting, Marteen Baptist proposes to the Designerbox subscribers a pair of trays, each standing on three golden feet, to display the accompanying small bites and munchies. In conjunction with his glasses they will make the smartest set for a perfect drink among gourmets

Color : glass

Object dimensions : diameter 8 cm/12 cm

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